New Communities of Oakville

New Communities of Oakville

Welcome to the neighbourhood

The new communities of Oakville is the town’s largest remaining new development to join the family of well established, friendly communities that make up this town.

Each section of Oakville has its own unique character and the New Communities of Oakville is no exception. Made up of four areas: 407 West (employment area), Sixteen Hollow, Glenorchy, and Joshua’s Meadows, the individuals, families and businesses that will become the heart of these neighbourhoods will define the New Communities of Oakville.

Located just north of Dundas Street, south of 407, east of Tremaine Road and west of Ninth Line, the New Communities of Oakville will be home to 50,000 people, create nearly 35,000 jobs, and include residential, commercial, employment, institutional and natural open spaces. The area is expected to be built over the next 20 years.

Neighbourhoods in the New Communities of Oakville are walkable, transit friendly, and incorporate natural open spaces, dense urban cores, commercial uses and employment lands.

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