Bronte Green Corporation - 1401 Bronte Road - OPA 1530.07, Z.1530.07, 24CDM-14003/1530 and 24T-14004/1530

Official Planning Amendment, Zoning By-Law Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision and Draft Plan of Condominium
1401 Bronte Road
File: OPA 1530.07, Z.1530.07, 24T-14004/1530 and 24CDM-14003/1530

Application description

To permit a new residential subdivision including parkland, a mix of residential units and mixed uses on the lands currently occupied by the Saw Whet Golf Course. The application for Official Plan amendment also includes proposed designations for additional lands on the west side of Bronte Road (referred to as the “Enns lands” or “Bronte Road West Lands”).   These lands are not included in the applications for zoning by-law amendment or the draft plan of subdivision.

The land owned by the Bronte Green Corporation and the Bronte Road West lie within the Merton Planning Study area.

Application status - negotiated settlement

The application has been appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) File #PL141318.  The OMB is now responsible for making a decision on the application.

The Town of Oakville, Region of Halton, Conservation Halton, and the Halton District School Board have now negotiated a settlement with Bronte Green Corporation and the owners of lands on the west side of Bronte Road. Links to the revised concept plan and other documents related to the settlement are provided:

The OMB has not yet made its decision. Evidence on the settlement was presented on Monday, November 14, 2014. Additional evidence will be presented on Thursday November 17, 2016. Participants will be heard by the board on Wednesday, November 23 and Thursday November 24, 2016.  Members of the public are welcome to attend the hearing, however only people who filed a summary of their evidence in the form of a participant statement prior to August 27, 2015 will be permitted to speak.


For more information, please visit the Bronte Green Corporation settlement FAQ page.

OMB documents

OMB dates

After five weeks of hearing, the applicant is still presenting its case. The Board will not hear from the other parties including the public agencies until that is complete although the Board heard from 11 of the  50 participants in June. Although the Board had reserved hearing dates from September 12 to November 18, 2016, for the continuation of the hearing, the September dates have been cancelled. It is currently likely that the hearing will reconvene sometime in October. Additional details will be provided on this website when available.

On Monday, November 14, 2016, the Town of Oakville, Region of Halton, Conservation Halton, Halton District School Board advised the Ontario Municipal Board that they had agreed to a settlement of the applications filed by Bronte Green Corporation. The Board has heard evidence from Bronte Green on the proposed settlement. Evidence from the owner of lands on the west side of Bronte Road with respect to those lands will be heard on Thursday, November 17, 2016. An open house for participants to ask questions with respect to the revised plan will be hosted at townhall in the Bronte Palermo Room on Thursday, November 17, 2016 between 6 and 8 p.m.

Hearing (continuation)

To be Determined
Municipal Building (Oakville)
1225 Trafalgar Road
Oakville ON L6J 5A6

Witness Statements

Review the definition of a party and description of participants from the OMB (pdf).

Witness statements were submitted to the OMB by August 27, 2015.


For this appeal, these are the parties involved:

  • Bronte Green Corporation
  • Victor Enns, Joyce Enns, 1442839 Ontario Ltd.
  • Town of Oakville
  • Region of Halton
  • Conservation Halton
  • Halton District School Board

Review the witness statements made by these parties.


Review the participant statements.

Town’s involvement

The town is very much involved in the OMB hearing. We are a Party which gives us the right to call witnesses and cross examine all witnesses. The town has 16 witnesses to defend the town’s position.

On April 8, 2015, Town council provided the following instructions.

"That counsel be instructed to attend the OMB proceedings to oppose the applications as being premature and not in the public interest using an evidentiary based approach."

Key elements of the town’s case

The town is opposing Bronte Green Corporation’s appeals for a number of reasons. The following is a very general summary:


The town had initiated a comprehensive study of all the lands in the area, known as the Merton Planning Study. The study is not complete. A comprehensive study is required by the town's Livable Oakville official plan and is necessary to properly evaluate the impacts of development of the lands.

The studies submitted by the applicant do not constitute a comprehensive study and are missing key information required to understand and address issues related to such critical matters as the natural environment, community needs, servicing and compatibility with surrounding uses.

Public interest

It is the town's position that it is not in the public interest to approve applications that have not been properly assessed. All aspects of the existing site constraints, natural environment, community needs and servicing must first be understood so that the public interest can be addressed. The town has also identified a number of ways in which the development proposed could have negative impacts on the surrounding natural and human community.

Evidentiary basis

The OMB is structured in a “court-like” setting which requires the parties to provide evidence to support their positions. The town has provided 16 witnesses, each an expert in his/her field, to demonstrate the town’s case — that this application should be refused.

Have questions?

Please review the FAQs. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, please email us at and our staff will get back to within 48 hours.

Contact information

Jennifer Huctwith
Assistant Town Solicitor
905-845-6601, ext. 3017

Amended Application - April 2015

Bronte Green Draft Plan (pdf, 4 MB)
Draft Plan (revised April 14, 2015, with applicant's description of changes).
Bronte Green Environmental Impact Study Master (pdf, 27 MB)
Bronte Green Functional Servicing Report (pdf, 21 MB)
Bronte Green School Site Needs (pdf, 911 KB)
Bronte Green Official Plan Amendment (pdf, 19 MB)
Bronte Green Traffic Impact Study (pdf, 5 MB)
Bronte Green Water Balance Assessment (pdf, 195 KB)
Bronte Green Zoning By-law Amendment (pdf, 364 KB)
Bronte Green Urban Design Brief (pdf, 15 MB)
Bronte Green Noise Control Feasibility Study (pdf, 4 MB)

Supporting Documentation - September 2014

OPA Draft September 2014 (pdf 17.8 MB)

Supporting documentation - August 2014

OPA Draft June 9 2014 (pdf, 2.6 MB)
Planning Justification Report (pdf, 17.1 MB)

Supporting documentation

Aerial Photo (pdf, 3.7 MB)
Archaeology (pdf, 9.7 MB)
Canopy Cover Plan (pdf, 879 kB)
Capital Impact Assessment (pdf, 232 kB)
Draft Plan (pdf, 895 kB)
Draft Zoning By-law (pdf, 348 kB)
Environmental Impact Study (pdf, 28.1 MB)
Environmental Site Assessment (pdf, 20.1 MB)
Facility Fit Plans (pdf, 1.1 MB)
Functional Service Report (pdf, 12.9 MB)
Geotechnical Study (pdf, 1.4 MB)
Noise Study (pdf, 3.4 MB)
Odour Study (pdf, 2.5 MB)
Pedestrian and Trail Plans (pdf, 3.9 MB)
Planning Assessment (pdf, 18.6 MB)
Survey (pdf, 867 kB)
Traffic Impact Study (pdf, 5.1 MB)
Tree Inventory Report (pdf, 3.7 MB)
Urban Design Brief (pdf, 12.2 MB)