Former Hospital Site Residential Development

Council endorses site master plan

The redevelopment project of the former Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital lands took a significant step forward at a Special Meeting on June 28 when Town Council endorsed an overall master plan for the lands as well as the some programming and features for the Southeast Oakville Community Centre that is planned for the site.

Recently, residents from across Oakville were invited to share their thoughts on three proposed land use concepts for the overall site at a community workshop and through an online discussion forum. All land use concepts adhered to key parameters and included a community centre, a park and residential development — but the arrangement was slightly different in each option.

  • placing the new 4,180 square metre community centre with a direct connection to an adjacent park and within close proximity to the existing parking garage
  • incorporating a “green connection” for pedestrian access through the site
  • conserving heritage aspects of the former Oakville-Trafalgar High School (OTHS). While there may be opportunities for the re-use of the building, the OTHS is static in all of the options given its heritage significance
  • protecting the Chimney Swift colony in the former highschool as per the Endangered Species Act, 2007
  • ensuring new development is compatible with the neighbouring community and consistent with the Livable Oakville Plan policies, which provides direction to limit density to a maximum of 29 units per hectare
  • potential opportunity for seniors housing to be explored through public consultation

The town wants to thank everyone who took the time to participate and provide your valuable input. While the feedback received was extensive there was no clear consensus on one particular option. However, certain themes and a common concept of establishing distinct districts did emerge with a residential district in the north, a civic district with a community centre and park in the middle, and a seniors-oriented housing district in the south.

To view an image of the Council-endorsed former Oakville-Trafalgar Hospital Site Master Plan, visit our Former Hospital Site Maps page.

Moving ahead

The demolition contractors will begin site preparation this summer. The overall demolition and site remediation will take approximately 12 months to complete.

The architectural/general contractor team responsible for the community centre will be selected in early July. The process of design will begin shortly afterwards.

The development of the new community centre will begin in late 2018 with an opening scheduled for fall 2020.

A number of Planning Act approvals will also be necessary in order for the redevelopment of the site to proceed including official plan and zoning amendments, and draft plan of subdivision/site plan approvals. Amendments to the town’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law will be subject to the statutory planning process and a public meeting is expected in the fall with proposed Official Plan updates by the end of 2017.

Community Consultation this Fall

The town plans on engaging with the public later this fall on the project including progress on the demolition work and next steps regarding the community centre design and potential uses of the park.

At the conclusion of the South Central Public Lands Study in April 2013, an overall concept for the redevelopment of the former hospital site was endorsed in principle by Council. The concept included a new community centre and park on the southern portion of the site, and a mix of potential residential and medical uses on the northern portion. It was understood that a detailed plan (e.g., unit types and numbers, urban design) could not be finalized until the town had possession of the site and a number of required technical studies could be completed.

The town’s priority is planning for the new south east community centre and park, including building demolitions and site preparation.

While the Livable Oakville Plan identifies the former hospital site as a Potential Residential Intensification Area and sets out specific policies to be considered, redevelopment will have to be enabled through official plan and zoning by-law amendments. Any plan will go through a rigorous planning process, including opportunity for public input.

Special Council Meeting, May 2, 2017

At the May 2 Special Council Meeting, Council heard the results of the Parks Recreation and Library Master Plan update; the proposed amenities and program requirements for the community centre; and the next steps in the project regarding the overall site planning options.

Council gave staff the green light for staff to seek public feedback on three land use options for the site. A community workshop is scheduled for June 1, 2017. Staff will report back to Council on the results of the community consultation process at a June 27 Special Meeting of Council.

For more information on the May 2 meeting, view the Special Council Agenda.

December 1, 2016 Open House

At the December 1, 2016, open house, residents were invited to share feedback about potential residential uses on the former hospital site.

The town heard residents express an interest for more parkland; in having a nursing home or seniors’ residence on the site, and wanting to see existing trees preserved.

With respect to housing options, some residents expressed a desire for detached, low-density housing and others saw a need for intensification and more affordable residences.

Residents also raised questions about the financing of the overall site development. For answers to these, and other questions, refer to the Former Hospital Site FAQs page.