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Merton logo.The Town of Oakville has initiated a study of the Merton lands, the undeveloped lands generally located on the north side of the QEW and south of Upper Middle Road between Bronte Road and Third Line. The Livable Oakville Plan identifies these lands as a Special Policy Area for potential future development and directs that the area be studied comprehensively to determine future land uses and policies.


September 1, 2015

At this time, the town is not proceeding with the Merton Planning Study given the Bronte Green Development Application appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board by the applicant Bronte Green Corporation. The land owned by the Bronte Green Corporation is on a portion of the Merton Planning Study area known as the Saw-Whet lands.

Information related to the application and appeal is available on the town's Bronte Green Development Application page.

April 29, 2015

Listed below are the links to the preliminary peer review comments, as undertaken by Amec Foster Wheeler on behalf of the Town, on the third submission of the technical studies.  Also listed below, are the technical studies relating to the third submission for the Merton Planning Study.

Please note that at this time the peer review comments and the technical studies remain in draft form since they are still under review by Town departments and partner agencies, including the Region of Halton and Conservation Halton. Oakville Planning does not yet have concurrence from these reviewers on this set of comments.

February 6, 2015

An application filed by Bronte Green Corporation with respect to part of these lands has been appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board.

September 3, 2014

Infrastructure Ontario has formally withdrawn its applications to redevelop its Third Line lands within the Merton Planning Study. Read the news release for more information about the announcement made by MPP Kevin Flynn, Mayor Rob Burton and Members of Council.

Staff will continue to provide status updates on the other development applications within the Merton Planning Study.

August 12, 2014

Recently a “Notice of Complete Application” from the Town of Oakville was mailed out regarding the development applications the town received within the Merton Planning Study area. The notice raised questions about the status of the town’s study. Please open the Merton Planning Study update (pdf, 210 kB) for more information.

June 9, 2014

A Merton Planning Study update staff report was provided to Council at the Planning and Development Council meeting on June 9, 2014. The report is administrative in nature and revises the work plan and schedule to address the Council resolution from the Statutory Public Meeting held on April 14, 2014.

April 14, 2014

A statutory public meeting on the draft Official Plan Amendment for the Merton lands was held on April 14, 2014 at Planning and Development Council where a staff report and comments from the public were received. The council resolution from the meeting also directed staff to undertake additional work on the study, to report back to Planning and Development Council on June 9, 2014 on the revised schedule incorporating this work, and to make no further advancement on the draft Official Plan Amendment prior to reporting to the June 9, 2014 Planning and Development Council meeting.

Development applications

The town has received development applications for parcels of land located within the Merton Planning Study area. The applications have been deemed complete under the Planning Act.

Landowners and developers have the right to make applications for changes to lands at any time. The town is required by law to take certain steps including providing notice of complete application upon receipt of applications under the Planning Act.

No public meeting has been scheduled with respect to the applications. The applications cannot be approved without an amendment to the official plan (whether through the town led Merton Planning Study or a privately initiated application).

Details on the applications can be found on the active development applications webpage.

Town staff is not advancing any of these applications at this time. Town staff advised the landowners and developers that their applications are premature and on hold until Council has made a decision on the Merton area through the town’s study process.

Draft preferred plan

Town staff has prepared a draft preferred plan for the Merton Lands based on public inputs, technical reports to date, agency and peer review comments and an analysis of the draft options. The draft preferred plan applies land uses and policies to the Merton Lands, in the form of an Official Plan Amendment, to protect lands and direct future growth and change. A policy summary has been prepared to highlight some of the key policy areas and directions. The draft preferred plan is not a final option and we are still seeking your comments and input.

Technical reports

Part of the basis of the Official Plan Amendment is the technical reports and peer review comments which have been submitted as per the Merton Planning Study Terms of Reference (pdf, 1.6 MB). Town staff, its agency partners and peer review team have reviewed the technical reports. As of March 7, 2014, there are still areas where additional information and agency comments are required. Staff had sufficient information in the reports submitted to date to prepare an Official Plan Amendment which recognizes the need to finalize the technical reports based on the peer review and agency comments. The technical reports prepared to date are provided:

Second Submission

Second Submission Comments

Third Submission

 (Third Submission) (pdf, 18 MB)   (Third Submission) (pdf, 18 MB) 

Idea forum

Be heard — Add to the conversation on the Merton Planning Study idea forum.


The Town of Oakville has initiated a study of the Merton lands, the undeveloped lands generally located on the north side of the QEW and south of Upper Middle Road between Bronte Road and Third Line. The Livable Oakville Plan identifies these lands as a Special Policy Area for potential future development and directs that the area be studied comprehensively to determine future land uses and policies.

The Merton lands were settled in 1812 as an ideal location halfway between Dundas Street and Lakeshore Road. The name Merton came from a local settler, Ed Wrench, who originated from Merton, England. The community grew to include a blacksmith service, two schools, a Methodist church, post office, orchards and mixed farming. Merton began to decline in the early 1900s with the loss of the post office, low church attendance and the development of the Queen Elizabeth Way. Merton is now a part of Oakville with several properties of heritage significance to be considered through the study.

There are two major landowners within the study area, Bronte Green Corporation and the Province of Ontario. Both have expressed interest in developing their lands and have initiated technical studies in support of future development applications. Approvals for individual site development applications on these lands shall be considered premature until the necessary comprehensive studies are completed.

Staff has worked with the major landowners, the Region of Halton and Conservation Halton to develop a study process. This process will be facilitated by the town and will consist of four components:

  1. Technical Reports – to be completed by the landowners’ consultants and relating to natural heritage, servicing and infrastructure, transportation, noise, vibration, odour, archaeology and phasing.
  2. Tertiary Plan – land use options to be developed with town Planning staff and participating landowners within the study area, utilizing the Livable Oakville policies and schedules, and the initial constraint information from the Technical Reports.
  3. Peer Review – the town has retained a Peer Review Consultant to assist with the review of the technical reports and Tertiary Plan, and coordination of all internal and external agency comments.
  4. Applications and Approvals – The Tertiary Plan will be implemented through proposed amendment(s) to the Livable Oakville Plan and later through individual development applications for zoning and draft plan of subdivision approvals.

Study area map 

Open the Merton lands study area map (pdf, 1.5 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the frequently asked questions page for more details.

Study updates

Public open House – March 19, 2014

The open house provided an update on the study and an opportunity to provide input on the draft preferred plan. We are collecting comments on the draft preferred plan presented at the open house. Please submit your comments to

Planning and Development Council — June 10, 2013

An update report was received by Council on June 10, 2013, through staff report PD-044-13, dated May 17, 2013 (Agenda Item 6).

Public open houses — May 15 and 16, 2013

The open houses provided an update on the study and an opportunity to provide input on the draft options. The materials below were provided at the open houses.

Public notice of study commencement — March 14, 2013

Visit the March 14, 2013, notice of study commencement for Merton Planning Study (QEW/Bronte Road) page.

Planning and Development Council — November 12, 2012

The study outline and objectives were endorsed by Council on November 12, 2012, through staff report PD-077-12, dated October 16, 2012.

Get involved and be heard!

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