Oakville Blooms

Oakville BloomsMedian and Boulevard Sponsorship Program

The Oakville Blooms Median and Boulevard Sponsorship program offers civic minded businesses, groups, individuals and organizations an opportunity to help Oakville attain its vision of becoming the most livable town in Canada. The program transforms medians and boulevards into vibrant and impressive floral displays.

From May to September each year, medians and boulevards throughout Oakville are planted with annual flowers grown in the Oakville Greenhouse. Plant materials are selected for their brilliant colours and variety in texture, and their tolerance to adverse roadway conditions. All of the boulevards are designed, planted and maintained by town horticulture specialists.

To offset the costs of planting and maintaining these floral displays, Oakville has launched this innovative program whereby private citizens, businesses and organizations can contribute funds by sponsoring specific locations throughout the town.

For more information

Please open the links in the table below or call 905-845-6601 for details about sponsor benefits, how the program works, rates and locations.

Sponsorship applications

Applications can be submitted at the Parks, Recreation and Culture counter at Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road, or fax with payment information to 905-338-4227 or email ServiceOakville@oakville.ca. Every effort will be made to accommodate sponsor's first choice in floral display location, however, selection is on a first come, first served basis. Current sponsors have first right of renewal for the same display at the end of each sponsorship year; should they decide not to continue the sponsorship, the display will be offered to those on the waiting list before opening the sponsorship to the general population. Date and time of receipt of expression of interest (written or verbal) will determine queue order for sponsorship applications or waiting list.

Oakville Blooms Information

Program Brochure (pdf, 169 kB).
Application Form (pdf, 212 kB).
Rates and Locations (pdf, 163 kB).
Locations Map (pdf, 1 MB).