Development Application Guidelines/Terms of Reference

To assess the technical aspects of a development proposal, the town requires a number of supporting studies and materials to be submitted as part of a complete planning application. Requirements for an Official Plan amendment, Zoning By-law amendment, draft plan of subdivision or draft plan of condominium are described in the Livable Oakville Plan as well as found in the Planning Act.

Guidelines for each submission requirement are grouped into the categories below. The guidelines set out the study purpose, rationale, who is to prepare it and when. The level of detail and number of studies and plans required will vary depending on the scale and complexity of the proposal. A list of specific submission requirements will be prepared at the pre-consultation meeting and detailed in the application package (pdf, 296 kB).

Description of Site and Proposal

Draft official plan amendment or zoning by-law amendment (pdf, 27 kB)
Planning justification report/letter (pdf, 35 kB)
Site description information (including site plan) (pdf, 111 kB)

Engineering Considerations

Functional servicing study (pdf, 38 kB)
Site Servicing, grading and drainage plan (pdf, 35 kB)
Stormwater management study/report (pdf, 36 kB)
Erosion and sediment control plan (pdf, 31 kB)
Noise and vibration study (pdf, 37 kB)

Urban Design Considerations

Urban Design Brief (pdf, 171 kB)
Urban Design Brief for Subdivisions (pdf, 157 kB)
Streetscape Master plan (pdf, 103 kB)
Streetscape plan (pdf, 210 kB) 
Building elevations and renderings (pdf, 123 kB)
Landscape plan and details (pdf, 104 kB)
Canopy Cover Plan (pdf, 519 kB)
Park/open space concept plan (pdf, 39 kB) 
Lighting/Photometric Plan (pdf, 108 kB)
Shadow Analysis (pdf, 110 kB)  
Wind study (pdf, 37 kB)
3-D computer model (pdf, 113 kB) 
Character impact analysis (pdf, 180 kB)

Environmental Considerations

Environmental site screening questionnaire and assessments (pdf, 36 kB)
Environmental impact statement / study (pdf, 38 kB)
Tree vegetation study and Tree protection plan (pdf, 41 kB)
Demarcation of the limits of natural features (pdf, 39 kB)
Fish habitat assessment (pdf, 35 kB)
Air quality report (pdf, 40 kB)
Natural features restoration plan (pdf, 35 kB)

Transportation Considerations

Transportation impact analysis (pdf, 40 kB)
Pedestrian circulation plan (pdf, 27 kB)
Parking study (pdf, 39 kB)

Financial Considerations

Marketing impact study (pdf, 29 kB)
Financial impact study (pdf, 27 kB)
Capital impact assessment (pdf, 26 kB)

Cultural Considerations

Archaeological Assessment Report (pdf, 80 kB)
Heritage Impact Assessments (pdf, 48 kB)