The town offers a variety of ways you can get involved in your community by adopting a park, trail or volunteering for community/corporate clean-up events. Find information about adopting roads, trails and parks below.


The Town of Oakville’s Adopt-a-Road program has been established as a public service program for participants to pick up litter along certain municipal road rights-of-way. It is a way for citizens to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment. Under the program, groups or individuals agree to adopt a section of road right-of-way and keep it clean. In addition to a cleaner environment, the participant(s) are recognized by a sign erected by the town acknowledging their efforts.

For more information on the Adopt-a-Road program, please contact ServiceOakville at or 905-845-6601.


What is it?

The Adopt-a-Trail program offer opportunities for you or your organization to make a contribution to the community and help maintain the beauty of our town. With over 150 kilometres of trails and 1,420 hectares of parkland to maintain, the Parks and Open Space department appreciates the support of volunteers who help maintain our wonderful parks and trail system. Citizens, schools, youth groups, and corporate organizations are encouraged to adopt specific trails and keep them litter-free on a year-round basis, or to clean up specific areas on a one-time basis.

Open the Adopt-a-Trail brochure and application (pdf, 629 kB).

What's in it for you?

Enjoy the boundless scenic beauty of your trails while contributing to your community. Follow the scenic Heritage Trails that meander along Sixteen Mile Creek and look down from the soaring 400 cliffs; connect to the Crosstown Trail and link up with the Joshua's Creek Trail; follow it all the way down to the shores of Lake Ontario to enjoy the serenity of the Waterfront Trail. Whether you run, jog cycle or walk, there's a trail waiting for you.


With more than 200 parks, playgrounds and sports fields, two harbours and 31 waterfront parks, there are plenty of opportunities for citizens, schools, youth groups and corporations to lend a helping hand. Whether you are interested in a formal park adoption, are a student volunteering your time, or are interested in participating in community clean-up events, we want to hear from you!

Adopt-a-Park/Trail details

What do you provide?

Adopting a park or trail literally costs you nothing. All we need from you is a commitment to:
  • Adopt your selected area for a minimum period of one year
  • Provide a litter cleanup and inspection of the area at least once a month during the winter, and twice a month from spring through fall
  • Report to the Parks and Open Space department any damage through storms, vandalism, graffiti and illegal dumping of household, garden or pool waste material onto town land
  • Provide contact information (as available) for anyone causing the above-mentioned damages

What does the town provide?

  • Registration package outlining the program and volunteer responsibilities
  • Free gloves and garbage bags
  • Public recognition
  • A sign erected at the entrance of the park or trail bearing your name for the duration of the adoption
  • A personal letter of thanks from the Mayor

Spread the word and get involved:

  • Tell your friends and family to become adopters
  • Challenge your associates at work
  • Get your teammates or group to pitch-in
  • Challenge your competitors
  • Support your community while fulfilling your volunteer hours for school
  • Challenge your rival schools

For more information contact ServiceOakville

tel: 905-845-6601
TTY: 905-338-4200