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Make Your Move Oakville is the town's public education and awareness program to promote the benefits of healthy, active lifestyles and encourage residents to become more active through various sport and recreational activities.

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Let’s Get Physically Literate!

The Recreation and Culture Department is proud to provide programs and services to help residents of all ages live healthy, active lives.

Thanks to a $92,700 two-year grant from the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund (OSRCF), the grant will help develop physical literacy through education, training, tools and new physical activity programs including CAN-BIKE programs which will teach you how to ride a bike or sharpen up your cycling skills and Family Fitness on the Trails. Visit the Let’s Get Physically Literate page for more information.

Get active your way, every day

Regular, moderate physical activity is good for your heart. Health Canada's Physical Activity Guide recommends at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity (such as brisk walking) on most or all days of the week. Sixty minutes of activity can be accumulated in shorter sessions, such as three 20-minute walks per day.

Choose activities that you enjoy and can do regularly:

  • Leave the car at home and walk to the store
  • Meet a friend for a walk rather than a drink or a meal
  • Get out in the garden
  • Get off the bus early and walk one or two stops –– visit the Oakville Transit website for bus routes
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator
  • Walk at lunchtime with a friend or after dinner with the family
  • Put on your favourite music and dance in the living room
  • Join your local community centre, gym or sports team
  • Take the family trail walking, bike riding or swimming
  • Take up an active hobby like salsa dancing
  • Form a walking group at work or in your neighbourhood
  • Sign up for a Parks, Recreation and Culture program

If you have been inactive and want to begin an exercise program, it's a good idea to see your doctor first. Visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario site to view their list of risk factors.

Make Your Move launches Head Education Let’s Play Safe Concussion Awareness campaign

The Public Health Agency in Canada reports that more than 40 per cent of brain injuries in children and youth aged 10-19 years who visit emergency departments occur in sport and recreation activities. Visit the Concussion Awareness page to learn how one can reduce the risk of suffering a concussion.

Cycle, Walk Oakville Map

Copies of the Cycle, Walk Oakville map are now available at your local community centre or library. You can also access cycling and walking trails information online. The interactive map will help you plan your cycling or walking route through Oakville's more than 105 km of on- and off-road cycling paths and over 200 km of trails.

Pedestrian Charter

The Town of Oakville actively encourages a culture of walking in all parts of our town. This charter was adopted by Council on June 1, 2009, and explains what we stand for and what we value as a healthy, active community. Download a copy of the charter (PDF, 1.34 MB).

Walking helps to create a richer social life and makes it possible for all of us to take part in the life of our community. The Town values easy access to our streets, squares, buildings, and public transit and assists in removing physical and social barriers so that opportunities to walk to these places are available to all.

Well designed and managed spaces and places
We believe our town is a place that promotes a healthy, convenient, and attractive environment.

Better walking routes and networks
A well-connected network of walking routes that are direct and easy to follow encourages walking. The town works to provide safe, comfortable, attractive and well-maintained routes that link all the places we need to go.

Land use planning that supports walking
Our planning decisions place importance on active transportation and include smart growth principles.

Community safety
The town values safe routes and infrastructure that prevent accidents. This includes well designed streets that manage traffic, reduce vehicle speeds in residential areas and around schools.

A culture of walking
Our leaders will do what is needed to promote a culture of walking in our town and actively encourage all members of the community to walk whenever and wherever they can as part of their daily lives.

A community that supports walking improves the quality of life for all of its members and contributes to a vibrant, livable Oakville.