Oakville Hockey Development (OHD)

Hockey player at Oakville Hockey Development programOakville’s Hockey Development program is dedicated to training young players at recreational and competitive levels. Our group of knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated instructors focus on individual skill development and offer young players a competitive edge.

More about Oakville Hockey Development programs

These programs are consistently re-evaluated and developed so they are fun, yet challenging to help our students achieve personal success and gain confidence. Girls-only programs are offered at Joshua's Creek Arenas with all-female instructors.

Click on a link below or continue reading for more information. Program offerings for the 2014-2015 fall/winter season include:

OHD Hockey Skills programs

OHD Hockey Skills programs are the perfect option for children who want to try the sport or are currently playing house league hockey. These classes provide three levels of ‘drills and skills’ instruction, HIGH FIVE® certified staff, and a ratio of one instructor per 10 participants on a full ice surface. Instructors emphasize personal achievement and participation. 

OHD Shooter Pad registered group programs

The main goal of this five-week OHD shooter pad program is skill development for the house league player (ages 6-12). We begin by instilling good habits in isolated training, which creates a solid foundation for skilled puck handling and shooting.

OHD Goalie Pad registered programs

The Goalie Pad program offers a unique, personalized approach to goaltender training in three levels. Participants work one-on-one with a qualified instructor in a controlled, structured setting. They will get a great workout combined with an intense learning experience. On-ice instruction covers technique, angle adjustments, balance, butterfly and stand-up styles, and rebound control.

Private and semi-private programs

Email ohd@oakville.ca to book private ($85/hour) shooter and goalie pad lessons.

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