Outdoor Ice Rinks

Weather permitting, the Parks and Open Space department will offer recreational outdoor skating rinks.

Please note –  these are unsupervised, use at your own risk, recreational rinks. CSA approved hockey helmets are recommended.

Outdoor rinks are located at:

  • Clearview Park – Clearview
  • Langtry Park – Glen Abbey (west of Third Line)
  • Nottinghill Park – Glen Abbey (east of Third Line)
  • Falgarwood Park – Iroquois Ridge
  • Glenashton Park – Iroquois Ridge
  • Bloomfield Park  – West Oak Trails
  • Sixteen Hollow Park – West Oak Trails
  • Millbank Park – Uptown Core
  • Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park - Bronte Road and Ontario Street
  • Windrush Park - Glen Abbey (east of Third Line)
  • Wallace Park - South Central Oakville

Skating is not recommended on all other ponds and creeks.

If your neighbourhood wants to establish a rink other than those listed above, it is the residents’ responsibility to maintain the rink. Open the neighbourhood ice rink request form (pdf, 15 kB).

For more information contact ServiceOakville

tel: 905-845-6601
TTY: 905-338-4200