QEPCCC Operating Plan and Exhibition Review Committee

Image of Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.

Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (QEPCCC) is the largest centre for recreational and amateur artistic activity in Canada, setting a new standard for the range of programming available and the number of local arts groups that call QEPCCC home. The vision and guiding principles were developed in consultation with the QEPCCC Working Group, stakeholder groups and staff:

“The Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre is a welcoming, vibrant and dynamic public space that inspires and develops active living and cultural and artistic interests.”

As a community centre, individuals have a place to take part in swimming, recreational sports, seniors and youth programs. As a cultural centre, people have a place to take a class to learn a new skill and express themselves creatively, use of art studios and specialized equipment, and participate in activities with community groups. Established clubs, ensembles, dance troupes, artists and special events draw thousands of recreational arts enthusiasts to the centre every week, building a sense of community and fostering a climate of creativity among users of all ages, cultures and socio-economic means.

Guiding principles


The environment and culture of the centre will encourage and foster collaboration on many levels.

Creativity and Innovation

Participants will be supported by and will contribute to an environment that encourages creativity, innovation and personal enrichment across all program areas.


A wide range of activities and opportunities will be available to all Oakville residents and community groups.

Environmental Sustainability

All activities within QEPCCC will aim to consider the environment and minimizing any negative impacts.

High Performing Operations

Staff and stakeholders will seek out operational efficiencies where possible and lead a safe, secure and effective operation.

Respect for Neighbourhood

The QEPCCC will be mindful of its impact on the neighbourhood and will strive to foster an effective relationship with the neighbourhood as part of its mandate.

Socialization and Strengthening Community

Activities at the centre shall be stimulating and diverse in order to draw residents to learn and enjoy in line with their interests, to meet other residents, to support and enable community groups and thus strengthen the community as a whole.


QEPCCC will be operated in accordance with all town policies regarding transparency with clear mechanisms for positive and constructive input by users.

Exhibition Review Committee

Exhibition Review Committee

The Exhibitions Review Committee assists staff in adjudicating exhibition applications for corridor/gallery displays and exhibitions. The purpose of the committee is:

  • To review all applications for exhibitions at QEPCCC.
  • To offer constructive comment concerning the exhibition applications and to recommend applications from the Exhibitions Review process to Town Staff for exhibition.
  • To review the rules and procedures of the Main Gallery and Corridor Galleries as required possibly on an annual basis to ensure exhibition mandate at QEPCCC is reflective of artists’ needs and program developments at QEPCCC.

The exhibition program for the Main Gallery and Corridor Galleries at QEPCCC has the following purposes:

  • To continually showcase creative work that is important to the QEPCCC community and general public. Priority for exhibitions will be to exhibit professional artwork by local artists in the areas of fine art, craft, performance art and digital arts, which range in content from historical to contemporary themes. Exhibitions may also include works by national and international artists and exhibitions proposed by curators.
  • To provide a combination of gallery rentals and exhibitions organized by town staff including partnerships with internal organizations.

Artists are given the opportunity to display their works through an application process. Visit the Exhibitions page for more information.

Nominations for positions on the committee shall be sought from the community at large with a preference for demonstrated knowledge of arts and culture in Oakville, reflective of QEPCCC programs and members. Contact the Cultural Supervisor at tonia.dirisio@oakville.ca for the Terms of Reference for Interior Committee Membership and to submit nominations.