Idling engines produce emissions that cause health and air quality problems. Turning car engines off while parked; and carpooling or taking public transit instead of driving alone in our cars are easy ways to improve local air quality.

What is the town doing?

Town Council passed the Anti-Idling By-law 2002-153 (pdf, 174 kB) on August 12, 2002. It is an offence for a vehicle to idle for more than five consecutive minutes except in certain circumstances. Outreach and education surrounding the by-law includes involving school communities and promotion of the by-law at idling hotspots. To request support for a school anti-idling campaign contact The town runs an ongoing smog reduction education campaign, targeting town employees. Town vehicles and equipment have stickers reminding staff not to idle.  

What you can do:

  • Turn the engine off when dropping off or picking up your child at school—car emissions are especially harmful for smaller bodies
  • Don’t use a drive-thru. If you do, turn off the car as you wait—remember the exhaust fumes can go into your vehicle and nearby buildings 
  • Encourage others to turn their engines off in the above situations
  • Reduce your car use

By not idling you will:

  • Save money—idling for ten minutes a day wastes an average of 100 litres of gas per year
  • Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle's engine, excessive idling can damage engine components
  • Help protect our climate and air—you will help reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions

For more information on the town's by-law contact the Clerk's department at