Climate Change Adaptation Initiative

The Town of Oakville is one of 12 signatory municipalities working with ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, to create a corporate Climate Change Adaption Plan. Endorsed by Council in May 2011, town staff is moving through a five milestone process. Milestone 1 was completed in early 2011 and Milestone 2 is currently being completed.

ICLEI’s Five Milestones for Climate Adaptation methodology provides a structured approach to adaptation planning which moves participating local governments through a series of progressive steps. Each milestone builds on the findings of the previous milestone, however, the methodology as a whole provides opportunities to re-evaluate and review findings and decisions.

Climate change mitigation actions in Oakville

The town has many climate change mitigation initiatives already in place that include:

ICLEI's Climate Change signatory municipalities:

City of Calgary
Capital Regional District
Municipal Corporation of Delta
Regional Municipality of Durham
City of Iqaluit
Town of New Glasgow
City of North Vancouver
Town of Oakville
City of Red Deer
City of Surrey
City of Vancouver
Metro Vancouver
City of Victoria
City of Windsor

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