Coyotes are found throughout North America, living in rural and urban areas. Though rarely seen, increased development and human behaviours have drawn coyotes out of their secluded spaces. Feeding coyotes, running from them and allowing pets to roam off-leash have contributed to coyotes losing their inhibitions towards people. The town has developed a comprehensive program to address coyotes in the community. For more information on the program, review the April 17, 2012, press release.

Coyote sightings and signs map

Interested where coyotes have been spotted in Oakville? Based on information received through the coyote reporting system, we've mapped out where coyotes have been observed. The town encourages residents in areas with noted sightings to be extra vigilant with: ensuring garbage and other potential food items are removed; pets are kept on leash and; you refrain from the intentional feeding of coyotes and report any suspected incidents through the coyote reporting system.

To access the coyote mapping, visit Explore Oakville. Points marked in green reflect recent sightings and those marked in red reflect sightings over six months old. In addition, coyote signage locations are shown with a sign symbol.

NOTE:  This mapping only reflects reported sightings and is not meant to indicate the number of coyotes present or a complete profile of where coyotes are present in Oakville. It provides the town and residents with useful information on understanding where the possibility of encountering a coyote may be more prevalent.

Coyote reporting system

Use the town's online coyote reporting system to report a coyote encounter, someone feeding coyotes or a problem with food waste or garbage. The town tracks the information provided through this reporting system to help assess areas with increased coyote activity and eliminate human-based food sources for coyotes. The most significant cause of problems with coyotes occurs when people intentionally or accidentally make food available. By helping us locate potential problem areas, you are helping your community reduce the potential for conflict.

The reporting system is one part of the town's coyote management strategy that was developed in response to residents' concerns. Learn more about coyotes and how to co-exist peacefully by checking out the educational resources on our website.

NOTE: This is not an emergency line. If you feel threatened or are in immediate danger, contact emergency services at 911.

Educational resources

The town held two information evenings on Living With Coyotes featuring presentations with coyote and media experts. Videos and transcripts of these meetings are available:

Video from January 31, 2012 Living With Coyotes community presentation
Meeting summary January 31, 2012 Living With Coyotes community presentation (pdf, 227 kB) 
Video from September 15, 2011 Living With Coyotes community presentation

Visit the Oakville Public Library website for suggestions and books available on coyotes.

In addition, the town offers a number of other resources and links on coyote awareness and co-existence:

Frequently asked questions (pdf, 19 kB) 
Town of Oakville coyote fact sheet (pdf, 73 kB)
Understanding our fear of coyotes (pdf, 135 kB) July 14, 2011, Michael Howie, Oakville Today  
Education is the key to peaceful coexistence (pdf, 840 kB) July 7, 2011, Michael Howie, Oakville Today 
Ministry of Natural Resources wildlife management
Project Coyote