Green Power

Solar panels on roof at Town HallWhat is green power?

Green power, also referred to as renewable, clean or alternative energy, is electricity produced from renewable sources with a lower impact on the environment and our health. This includes power generated by wind, geothermal, solar, biomass and low-impact hydro-electric sources that produce little or no noxious emissions. Additionally, landfill gas collection traps methane gas to use as fuel to generate electricity with minimal emissions. Alternative energy is used to replace non-renewable sources of energy production such as coal, nuclear and natural gas.

What is a green power purchase?

A green power purchase is when a person or organization pays for the production of renewable energy sources (ie. wind, solar, small-scale hydroelectric projects) in order to offset the impact of their own electricity use.

The town is purchasing green power

From 2006 to 2009 the town purchased 170 000 kWh of green power annually from the Oakville Hydro Green Light Pact program. This equated to an annual reduction of 37 tonnes of eCO2 per year. In 2010 and 2011, the town purchased 1,470,000 kWh of renewable energy credits from Renewable Choice Energy, helping to save 1, 247 tonnes of eCO2 per year.

Where to purchase green power:

The town is installing alternative energy sources:

The town has installed a high-efficiency vertical geothermal bore field system (a network of pipes, pumps, and hoses) in the LEED certified Oakville Transit building, and will install solar arrays on two town buildings.

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