Oakville contains about 15.5 kilometres of Lake Ontario shoreline. The Town of Oakville owns, or has interest in, approximately 8.8 kilometres of this shoreline property, of which approximately seven kilometres is protected by some form of constructed shoreline protection. The Oakville shoreline is predominantly altered, but in stable condition. 

Shoreline Inventory and Assessment Study

An inventory and assessment of public Lake Ontario shoreline infrastructure and property was completed by the town in October and November 2008 as an update to the 2006 Shoreline Inventory and Assessment Study. The results of this inventory and assessment have been summarized in the 2008 Shoreline Inventory and Assessment Study Report (pdf, 4.7 MB). The report contains details on the condition, performance and characteristics of shoreline features and existing protection works.

The assessment information enables the town to develop an appropriate financial management plan to protect, preserve and enhance its investment in shoreline lands. The report will also provide guidance to planning and development functions in reviewing proposals that may propose or require the alteration of adjacent shoreline lands. This inventory of collected data will provide a baseline of shoreline condition that will be referenced during future inspections.

The town is currently in the process of updating the 2008 Shoreline Inventory and Assessment Study.

Current shoreline construction and rehabilitation projects