Oakville Wildlife Strategy

To assist residents in protecting our wildlife and to reduce conflict situations with wildlife, Council approved the draft Oakville Wildlife Strategy and Wildlife Conflict Guidelines on June 20, 2011. These documents were developed with input from stakeholders including the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Oakville Milton Humane Society and Conservation Halton.

Oakville Wildlife Strategy (pdf, 9.3 MB) 
Wildlife Conflict Protocols (pdf, 474 kB)

Wildlife Procedure

Educational resources

As part of the Oakville Wildlife Strategy, it was recommended that education form a key part in supporting a livable relationship between residents and wildlife. The more we understand about our environment, the better we are able to manage our interactions and expectations and appreciate the benefits of living in such a biodiverse area. The town has put together a number of resources to support this program.

Living with wildlife speaker series

The town features an ongoing speaker series with experts on a variety of topics to help you learn more about living with wildlife. Please email environment@oakville.ca us if you would like to be kept updated on upcoming events.

Living with wildlife fact sheets

Coyotes fact sheet (pdf, 73 kB)
Canada geese fact sheet (pdf, 188 kB)
Choosing a humane wildlife removal company fact sheet (pdf, 208 kB)

Links to more information

Canadian Wildlife Federation 
Conservation Halton 
Federation of Ontario Naturalists 
Ministry of Natural Resources 
Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Network
Toronto Wildlife Centre