Canada Post announces community mailboxes are coming to Oakville

Canada Post announced on February 20, 2014, that starting in the fall of 2014, 11 communities across Canada, including Oakville, will receive mail to new community mailboxes. This is the first stage of a five-year national initiative involving roughly 5 million addresses including 26,400 addresses in Oakville.

At the Council meeting on May 26, 2014, Council resolved that the Federal Government direct Canada Post to maintain the current system of residential door-to-door postal delivery in Canada and that the Federation of Canadian Municipalities be requested to support this motion. For more information please refer to the Preserving Canada Post Door-to-door Delivery item on the May 26, 2014, Council agenda.

Mailbox locations

Canada Post has provided local residents information on mailbox locations. If you have any comments or concerns please contact Canada Post at 1-844-454-3009.

More information

Canada Post news release


If you have any comments or concerns please contact Canada Post at 1-800-267-1177 or your local Member of Parliament Terence Young at or Lisa Raitt at