Merton Cemetery

Merton CemeterySouthwest corner of 2363 North Service Road

Located in a clearing ringed by mature trees between the QEW and the North Service Road east of Bronte Road, Merton/Mount Pleasant Cemetery was established in 1880 on the grounds of Mount Pleasant Church. The church and cemetery were built to serve the Methodist-Episcopal community of Merton, a hamlet that settled in 1812 and became the centre for harvesting the abundant supply of pine trees in the surrounding area.

Names that appear in the Merton/Mount Pleasant Cemetery include Luscombe, Joyce, Douglas, Speers, MacDonald, Patterson, Oakley and Carpenter. The earliest headstone is for Milo Secord who passed away in 1888 at only eight days old.

In 1927, Mount Pleasant Church was deconsecrated and offered for auction. Out of respect for the people interred, it was decided that the cemetery would not be sold and would remain undisturbed. The church was eventually demolished and its materials were carried away for use in other buildings. The only remaining trace of the church today is its date stone at the present day cemetery.