Munn's Cemetery

Munn's Cemetery2579 Sixth Line

Munn's Cemetery is located on the southeast corner of Sixth Line and Dundas Street. It was established circa 1820 on land that was originally owned by Daniel Munn. A 1953 newspaper article about the cemetery cites Daniel Munn's headstone as being the oldest in the cemetery. Unfortunately the headstone has been lost or so badly eroded that the location of the grave is not known. It is believed that Daniel Munn lies in the vicinity of his wife Millicent, who is also buried in Munn's Cemetery.

The earliest settlers of Trafalgar Township built community schools and churches. Daniel Munn, who owned the land around Sixth Line and Dundas Street that eventually became the hamlet of Munn's Corners, built a log cabin school on his property which doubled as a church on Sundays. Around 1820, Daniel Munn responded to the need for a cemetery by selling a small plot of his land for a moderate price to a group of local yeomen who were responsible for the establishment of what we now know as Munn's Cemetery.

Many of Trafalgar Township's earliest families' names can been seen in Munn's Cemetery, including Appelbe, Snider, Featherstone, Post, Freeman, Coyne and Bowbeer.

During World War I it became increasingly difficult to find people willing to care for the cemetery. It was overgrown and neglected until the late 1950s when the local population recognized the cemetery's importance as a historical site and extensive restoration was undertaken.

Today, Munn's Cemetery is operated by the Town of Oakville.