Cornwall Road Reconstruction and Widening

Chartwell Road to Morrison Road

The Engineering and Construction Department is in the process of completing detailed design drawings for the widening and resurfacing of Cornwall Road from Chartwell Road to Morrison Road.

How to get involved — public information centre

The Town of Oakville held a public information centre on Wednesday March 9, 2016, from 6-8 p.m. For more information please visit the news and notices page.

Review a pdf copy of the Cornwall Road public information centre notice (pdf, 177 kB)

Review a copy of the drawings and material presented at the public meeting:

Project highlights and schedule

Project Highlights:

This project includes the widening of the existing roadway and also includes several other improvements including:

  • Widening of the existing roadway to include two lanes in each direction. The existing travel lanes will serve as the future eastbound lanes. Two future westbound lanes will be constructed.
  • The widening will include a planted, landscaped median Island. Plantings will be completed by the Town of Oakville Parks department after construction is complete.
  • The existing vegetated berms along Cornwall Road and the rail corridor will NOT be impacted.
  • Additional tree plantings along the roadway will be included after construction is complete. Tree plantings will be completed by the Town of Oakville Forestry department
  • Pathway improvements will be completed along the old Cornwall Road corridor. Tree plantings are included  and will be completed in the fall of 2016 by the Town of Oakville Park's department
  • Pedestrian facilities including a concrete sidewalk and multi-use asphalt pathway will be constructed
  • Removal of the existing house at #505 Chartwell Road will be completed prior to the road work. 
  • Existing Street lighting will be upgraded to LED lighting and the existing traffic signals at Morrison Road and Chartwell Road will be replaced
  • The existing culverts on Cornwall Road and Morrison Road at Wedgewood Creek will be replaced.

Work for this project includes widening to the north of the existing road platform and will include a centre landscaped median island as well as the construction of two additional travel lanes which will serve as the future westbound travel lanes. The existing travel lanes will be maintained and will serve as the future eastbound travel lanes of the roadway. The existing roadway platform will be rehabilitated and resurfaced as part of this project.

Project schedule and staging

Pending the completion of design, permitting, tendering and project award, construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2017 and will be substantially complete in December, 2017.

Some additional scheduling highlights include:

  • Widening of the roadway including rehabilitation of the existing travel lanes substantially complete by winter 2017.
  • Cornwall Road will not be closed during construction. One lane of traffic will be maintained at all times, delays can be expected.
  • Minor surface works, restorations and tree plantings to occur in 2018
  • Existing culvert crossing of Wedgewood Creek on Cornwall Road will be replaced in 2017
  • Existing culvert crossing of Wedgewood Creek Morrison Road will be replaced in 2016.
  • Morrison Road will be closed tentatively from October to December 2016 for culvert replacement
  • Transit will not be operating on Cornwall Road during the construction period. Transit will be diverted around the construction limits.

For more information regarding this project please contact:

Adam Kiley, P. Eng.
Project Leader - Capital Projects
Engineering and Construction
905-845-6601, ext. 3357