Cycling Routes

Image of bikes.The town’s network of cycling routes consists of on-road cycle lanes, paved shoulder bikeways, signed bike routes and multi-use trails.

Cycle Walk Oakville interactive map

With over 105 kilometres of on- and off-road cycling paths, over 150 kilometres of trails, 420 hectares of parkland and more than 200 parks, playgrounds, sports fields and 31 waterfront parks, Oakville has recreational opportunities for everyone!

Visit the Cycle, Walk Oakville page to view the interactive map that gives you information about the trail/roadway, location and amenities.

Existing and proposed cycling network

The cycling network map (pdf, 1.2 MB) outlines the existing and proposed cycling network by facility type. Also illustrated on the map are other relevant features, such as municipal boundaries, the street and highway network, GO Transit stations, parks and major watercourses. 

For more information about Oakville’s cycling initiative, visit our Active Transportation Master Plan page.

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