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Call 911 in an emergency such as a fire or other life threatening situation.

For after-hours non-emergency fire inquiries, call 905-637-8253.

Smoke alarms and CO alarms save lives.

It is the law in Ontario to have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in your house and cottage.

Safe storage of 9V and other household batteries

It is possible for a battery to short out and become an ignition source if both terminals come in contact with an electrical conductor (i.e. battery, paper clip, steel wool, etc.). There is more of a concern with 9V batteries over other household battery types (AA or AAA types) because both terminals are at the same end and can be more easily bridged with conducting material.

  • Store batteries in a dry place at room temperature, preferably inside their original packaging.
  • Cover the contact point ends of all loose batteries with a  piece of electrical tape to prevent the potential occurrence of fire.
  • Do not dispose of batteries with household waste or throw batteries into a fire (they could explode).

For information about recycling your batteries, please visit the Garbage and Recycling page.

Spring fire safety tips.

As spring approaches thoughts turn to cleaning up after a long winter; making repairs around the house and enjoying the outdoors. Keeping a few safety thoughts in mind will help you make your spring experience more enjoyable. Visit the spring fire safety page for some tips for inside and outside your house.

2014 firefighter calendar

2014 calendars are now on sale. You can purchase calendars at the Fire Administration office located in Town Hall, order them online for pick-up or have them shipped to your address.

Fire Administration

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