Parking is changing on John Street

Changes to parking along John Street planned for fall 2017

The landscape of Kerr Village is changing with many vibrant businesses in the area attracting more customers and visitors daily. Recently, there’s been a significant increase in both traffic and parking activity in the area of Kerr and John streets, and local businesses, councillors and residents have shared with us concerns around traffic safety and parking availability.

A recent traffic and parking review by the town found sections of John Street to be too narrow to accommodate vehicle parking on both sides as well as maintain safe travel and adequate traffic flow through this busy section of John Street.

The recommended changes are as follows:

No parking on the south side of John Street

To improve traffic flow there will be no parking on the south side of John Street between Brant and Wilson streets. Existing no parking restrictions on the south side of John Street between Wilson and Chisholm streets will remain in place.

Parking meters on the north side of John Street

To promote fair access and regular turnover of the available parking spaces on the north side of John Street, parking spaces will be controlled with parking meters. This is consistent with the approach taken along Kerr Street.

Public information

A public open house was held on April 27 at the Kerr Street Seniors Centre to present the changes to parking along John Street. Many business owners and local residents were in attendance to review and discuss the changes.

The information provided that evening along with other upcoming changes in the area will be further reviewed and presented to Council in October.

For more information on the planned changes to parking along John Street please email