My Neighbours' Construction

Link to the Active Building Permits Mapping Tool in Explore Oakville.The information and links listed below provide guidelines on who to contact if you have any concerns about your neighbour’s demolition or construction activity.

Building permit search

Check the Active Building Permits interactive map to confirm that a building permit has been issued. If a building permit has not been issued please contact Frank Zhu ( or 905-845-6601, ext. 3197) or David Silva ( or 905-845-6601, ext. 3194).

Building/workplace safety

Contact the Ministry of Labour at 1-800-263-6906 for hazardous materials in a building to be demolished or worker health and safety hazards.

Contact Town of Oakville Building Services at 905-845-7376 for concern about building permits for construction/demolition or unsafe construction or building conditions.

Dangerous electrical conditions

Contact Oakville Hydro at 905-825-9400.

Drainage and grading

Contact Town of Oakville Development Engineering Construction at 905-338-4407.

Noise and nuisance

All residents are entitled to a peaceful lifestyle. Noise By-law 2008-098 regulates noise and attempts to minimize noisy disturbances in your neighbourhood, especially during certain time periods. Visit the Noise and Nuisance Issues page to learn more.

Parking during construction

Did you know that there are special requirements concerning parking for the homeowner as well as anyone hired during a construction project? Visit the Parking During Construction page for details.

Residential building permits

Many different types of home construction, renovation, demolition and landscaping projects require permits. Visit the Residential Building Permits page for more information on what permits are required.

Roadway concerns

Contact the Town of Oakville's Development Engineering, Permits and Construction department at 905-338-4407 for concerns with regard to: blocked streets, sidewalks or driveways; and for any work, debris or mud-tracking on the municipal roadway.

Tree protection and removal

Did you know that there are special requirements if your project is near a town-owned tree? Are you concerned about a tree being cut down? Visit the Tree Protection and Removal page for information on permits and applications.

Zoning by-laws

Zoning by-laws regulate how land and buildings are used, the location of the buildings, lot coverage, building heights and other provisions to ensure proper development. The town's zoning by-law requirements must be satisfied regardless of whether a building permit is needed.