Snow Plow Tracker & Winter Operations Updates

Use the snow plow tracker link below to access updates on winter operations and a map of current information about plowed roads in Oakville. On the map, roads within the blue lines will show a plowing status as follows:

  • Grey — no status
  • Red — not yet started
  • Yellow — started
  • Green — complete
  • Grey dashes* — not maintained

*Roads shown as a series of grey dashes [- - - -] are either privately owned and are not maintained, or are town-owned roads experiencing heavy development activity and will be maintained by the developer/builder this winter season.

Tracker & updates

For best results: Please access the snow plow tracker in Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10. This application also functions on many versions of FireFox, Safari and Windows 8; however, it is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome.