2006 Official Plan

The Oakville Official Plan was first adopted by the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Oakville on July 5, 1983 by By-law 1983-114, and was subsequently approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. It was amended many times to reflect new development or land-use changes. The consolidated version of the Official Plan incorporates all amendments and modifications approved by the Minister up to September 30, 2006. Any amendments under appeal are not included at this time.

Official plan documents

Consolidated 2006 Official Plan (pdf, 1 MB)

Official plan text

Part A – Introduction (pdf, 26 kB) 
Part B – Goals and Objectives (pdf, 43 kB) 
Part C – General Policies (pdf, 129 kB) 
Part D – Land Use Policies (pdf, 155 kB)
Part F – Implementation and Interpretation (pdf, 63 kB)

Residential communities excerpts

Old Oakville Community (pdf, 44 kB) 
Bronte Community (pdf, 53 kB) 
Eastlake Community (pdf,16 kB) 
Clearview Community (pdf,14 kB) 
College Park Community (pdf, 25 kB) 
Iroquois Ridge Community (pdf, 28 kB) 
Glen Abbey Community (pdf, 36 kB) 
River Oaks Community (pdf, 74 kB) 
Uptown Core Community (pdf, 78 kB) 
West Oak Trails Community (pdf, 93 kB) 
Palermo West Community (pdf, 55 kB) 
Palermo Village Community (pdf, 115 kB)

Employment districts excerpts

QEW East Employment District (pdf, 55 kB) 
QEW West Employment District (pdf, 45 kB) 
Burloak Employment District (pdf, 52 kB) 
Winston Park Employment District (pdf, 44 kB) 
Winston Park West Employment District (pdf, 52 kB) 
Midtown Core Employment District (pdf, 131 kB)

Contextual and policy maps

Setting – Figure A (pdf, 1.5 MB) 
General Land Use – Figure B (pdf, 4.7 MB) 
Phasing Structure Plan – Figure C (pdf, 5 MB) 
Phase 2 Sub-Phasing (East of Creek) – Figure D (pdf, 2.3 MB) 
Phase 2 Sub-Phasing (West of Creek) – Figure D1 (pdf, 714 kB) 
Transportation Plan  Figure E (pdf, 1.1 MB) 
Natural Features – Figure F1 (pdf, 4.6 MB) 
Natural Features – Figure F2 (pdf, 4.5 kB) 
Community Organization – Figure G (pdf, 6.8 MB)

Community and district maps

Old Oakville Community (East of Creek) – Figure H1 (pdf, 2.5 kB) 
Old Oakville Community (West of Creek) – Figure H2 (pdf, 3 MB) 
Bronte Community (East of Third Line) – Figure I1 (pdf, 1.4 MB) 
Bronte Community (West of Third Line) – Figure I2 (pdf, 2.7 MB) 
Eastlake Community – Figure J (pdf, 1.8 MB) 
Clearview Community – Figure K (pdf, 2.3 MB) 
College Park Community – Figure L (pdf, 2.9 MB) 
Iroquois Ridge Community, South District – Figure M1 (pdf, 1.2 MB) 
Iroquois Ridge Community, North District – Figure M2 (pdf, 255 kB) 
Glen Abbey Community – Figure N (pdf, 2.2 MB) 
River Oaks Community – Figure O (pdf, 1.9 MB) 
Uptown Business Core – Figure P (pdf, 1.6 MB) 
Uptown Business Core (Height Standards) – Figure P1 (pdf, 707 kB) 
Uptown Business Core (Phasing) – Figure P2 (pdf, 152 kB) 
West Oak Trails Community – Figure Q (pdf, 3.4 MB) 
Palermo West Community – Figure R (pdf, 932 kB) 
Palermo Village Centre – Figure S (pdf, 931 kB) 
QEW East Employment District – Fig Emp A (pdf, 1.8 MB) 
QEW West Employment District – Fig Emp B (pdf, 2.8 MB) 
Burloak Employment District – Fig Emp C (pdf, 863 kB) 
Winston Park Employment District – Fig Emp D (pdf, 1.7 MB) 
Winston Park West Employment District – Fig Emp E (pdf, 672 kB) 
Midtown Core – Land Use – Fig Emp F (pdf, 977 kB) 
Midtown Core – Height/Density Standards – Fig Emp F1 (pdf, 684 kB) 
Midtown Core – Transportation Network – Fig Emp F2 (pdf, 506 kB) 
Moraine and Linkage Study Areas – Appendix IV (pdf, 4 MB)