2017 Budget

Budget 2017 - Be informed. Be part of the pudget process.Oakville is committed to offering valued services and programs to residents and making strategic investments in community priorities. Each year the town’s annual budget is one of the most important tasks facing Town Council, and Council has directed staff to prepare a budget that keeps the overall tax increase in line with inflation. In an effort to meet this goal, Town Council is faced with new challenges and priorities, and tough choices must be made.

At the Budget Committee’s inaugural meeting on June 27, 2016, Councillor Tom Adams was appointed as budget chair for the ninth consecutive year.

Budget documents

2017 Base Operating Budget (5.6 MB)
2017 Capital Budget and 10 Year Financial Plan (7.3 MB)

Budget presentations

2017 Budget Overview November 15, 2016 (2.1 MB)

Latest news – December 13, 2016

Town Council met its goal to keep overall tax increases in line with inflation with the approval of the 2017 Budget at its December 12 meeting. The approved 3.21 per cent increase to the town’s portion of the tax bill creates an overall 1.99 per cent tax increase when combined with the expected Halton Region increase and estimated education tax rates. The latest Toronto Consumer Price Index shows a 2.3 per cent annual increase. The budget also positions Oakville to keep overall tax increases in line with inflation out to 2020.

The approved $310 million operating budget for 2017 provides a wide range of programs and services including the maintenance of roads and community facilities, fire services, transit, parks and trails, recreation and culture, senior services, and libraries, along with a variety of other valued services. Program enhancements for 2017 include improvements to by-law enforcement and implementation of changes to the private tree by-law to strengthen tree protection. The budget also allocates funds for Visit Oakville tourism, the town’s Heritage Grant program, and support for cultural programs and grants.

The 2017 capital budget includes $122.3 million in funding and just over $1 billion for capital projects between 2017-2026 with a focus on transportation, infrastructure renewal and other elements related to growth.

Read the Council approves 1.99 per cent overall tax increase news release for more details.

Budget process

Budget process

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Where the town gets its money

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