The Corporation of the Town of Oakville · Policy A-GEN-001

Corporate Grants, Sponsorship, Naming Rights and Advertising Sales

Policy Number:
Strategy, Policy & Communications Department
Effective Date:
2008 May 05
Review by Date:
01-01-03, 08-01-08, 11-03-12 CA-GEN-001 (2005)
Last Modified:
2016 Nov 14

Policy Statement

The Corporation of the Town of Oakville (hereinafter referred to as the town) will consider the use of grants, sponsorships, naming rights and advertising (hereinafter referred to as sponsorships) revenue to offset the costs of programs, services, facilities and events. All sponsorships, shall be consistent with the town’s vision, mission and values and will not compromise or contradict any by-law or policy of the town, or reflect negatively on the town’s integrity or public image. All sponsorship agreements shall be established in a manner that promotes the town’s interest and results in the optimal balance of benefits to the town and the community.


The purpose of this policy is to:

A consistent and controlled approach to sponsorship arrangements protects the town’s corporate values, image, assets, and interests while increasing the opportunity for revenue generation.

Restrictions to Requests for Sponsorship may apply:

1. The town will not solicit, accept, or provide sponsorships from or to companies whose reputation could prove detrimental to the town’s public image.

2. The town will not allow sponsorships either directly or through third party arrangements that:

3. The town will ensure that there is financial sustainability of programs and services provided by grants and sponsorships.


This policy applies to all relationships between the town and businesses, organizations and individuals that contribute either financially or in-kind to events, programs, services or facilities in return for recognition, acknowledgement or other promotional considerations including:


This policy does not apply to public notices, which are covered under separate corporate policy.


Advertising: is the sale to an external company, organization, enterprise, association or individual of space at town facilities or events or on town printed materials.

Donation: a gift or contribution of cash, goods, or services given voluntarily toward an event, project, program, service or corporate asset and is eligible for a Charitable Tax Credit under the Income Tax Act.

Naming Rights:  a type of sponsorship in which a sponsor purchases the exclusive right to name an asset. The naming right is sold or exchanged for cash or other revenue support. This arrangement may be documented in an agreement signed by the interested parties for a specific period of time.

Sponsorship: is a mutually beneficial arrangement between the town and an external party (individual, company, vendor or organization) wherein a party contributes funds, goods or services to an event, project, program, service or corporate asset in return for recognition, or other promotional consideration.

Forms of Sponsorship:

Cash – a sponsorship received in the form of money.

In-kind – a sponsorship received in the form of goods or services of value to the town.