Active Transportation Master Plan

Update underway in 2016

The Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) (15.3 MB) was introduced in 2009 and recommends an extensive network of facilities composed of on-road and off-road paths designed to respond to the needs of a range of active transportation users, age and skill level. Since then a total of 185 kilometres of bike lanes, pathways and signed bike routes were implemented as well as 110 bike racks across the town.

This year, the town will be initiating the first update to the existing ATMP to assess current conditions and develop an improved implementation plan to expand the network, and promote cycling and walking in Oakville.

Building on the success of the current ATMP (pdf, 15.3 MB), and the town’s approved Transportation Master Plan, Switching Gears, staff will conduct an interactive public and technical agency engagement process to guide the update.

The study covers a number of areas integrated with cycling and walking, including:

  • Safety
  • Environmental benefits
  • Outreach
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Design standards

In addition, as part of the ATMP update the town will be developing a Development Charges By-law Background Report for Transit Services and Road Related Services.

In anticipation of the ATMP update, staff held an interactive workshop on March 24, 2105 at Town Hall where participants were asked how the town could improve the current ATMP and what they thought the town needed to include in the study to get there. The results of the workshop helped scope the issues, challenges, opportunities and ideas to be considered and addressed in this year's update.

Cycling Network Map

The cycling network map (pdf, 1.2 MB) outlines the existing and proposed cycling network by facility type. Also illustrated on the map are other relevant features, such as municipal boundaries, the street and highway network, GO Transit stations, parks and major watercourses. You can also access cycling and walking trails information online by using the interactive map for Cycle, Walk Oakville.

Active Transportation Capital Projects

Visit the Active Transportation Capital Projects page for a list of projects currently being designed and constructed.

2009 Active Transportation Master Plan

Review the 2009 ATMP Final Report (pdf, 15.3 MB)

The Transportation Master Plan -- Switching Gears

The ATMP aligns with the town's Transportation Master Plan (TMP), Switching Gears which aims to plan a transportation system that supports the anticipated growth of our community and aligns with other key studies,

For more information contact:

Chris Clapham
Sustainable Transportation Program Coordinator
Town of Oakville
1225 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, ON L6H 0H3
tel: 905-845-6601, ext. 3306
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