Business Licence Applications

Please note that the applications below may be filled out electronically, but must be printed and submitted in person or by mail, along with the required documentation and payment.

Adult Entertainment Establishment - Attendant Application (pdf)
Adult Entertainment Establishment - Operator Application (pdf)
Adult Entertainment Establishment - Owner Application (pdf)
Adult Entertainment Video Vendor Application (pdf)
Animals for Entertainment Application (pdf)
Auctioneer Application (pdf)
Barber Shops & Beauty Salons (now licensed under Personal Services Establishment)
Billiard Hall Application (pdf)
Body Rub Establishment - Attendant Application (pdf)
Body Rub Establishment - Operator Application (pdf)
Body Rub Establishment - Owner Application (pdf)
Bowling Alley Application (pdf)
Building Renovator Application (pdf)
Donation Box Operator Application (pdf)
Drain Laying Contractor Application (pdf)
Driveway Paving Contractor (now licensed under Landscaping/Property Maintenance Contractor)
Driving School Operator Application (pdf)
Driving School Vehicle Application (pdf)
Dry Cleaner/Launderette Application (pdf)
Exhibition Application (pdf)
Fireworks Vendor Application (pdf)
Food Shop - Ancillary Use Application (pdf)
Food Shop - Restaurant Application (pdf)
Food Shop - Special Event Application (pdf)
Group Home Application (pdf)
HVAC Contractor Application (pdf)
Kennel Application (pdf)
Landscaping/Property Maintenance Contractor Application (pdf)
Lawn Care Contractor Application (pdf)
Limousine Driver Application (pdf)
Limousine Owner Application (pdf)
Limousine Special Occasion Application (pdf)
Lodging House Application (pdf)
Mobile Sign Lessor Application (pdf)
Motor Vehicle Facility Application (pdf)
Night Club Application (pdf)
Outdoor Market Application (pdf)
Personal Services Establishment Application (pdf)
Pet Shop Application (pdf)
Plumbing Contractor Application (pdf)
Pool Installation Contractor Application (pdf)
Public Hall Application (pdf)
Refreshment Vehicle Operator Application (pdf)
Refreshment Vehicle Owner Application (pdf)
Refreshment Vehicle - Special Event (pdf)
Salvage Yard Application (pdf)
Second Hand Goods Shop Application (pdf)
Special Sale Application (pdf)
Taxi Driver Application Process
TNC Licence Application (pdf)
Tobacconist Application (pdf)

Should you have questions, please contact the Clerk's department at 905-815-6015 or email