Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Plan Study Options

After extensive public consultation, the Downtown Transportation Study was approved by Town Council in April 2015. 

As part of this public consultation, the town asked for your comments and suggestions on preferred options for the street network master plan, Lakeshore Road, Towne Square and streetscape furnishings and finishes. 

For more information please visit the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study page.

Lakeshore Road Options

The three options below were evaluated as part of the DTS study and staff recommended Lakeshore Road option 3. Council approved Lakeshore Road option 3 in April 2015. 

Towne Square Options

Towne Square is a small urban park area at the core of the downtown area and within the Downtown Oakville Heritage Conservation District. While owned and maintained by the town, it has an identity that is related to the BIA and the stores that front onto the space. Towne Square is currently characterized by a central lawn area, a clock tower, several trees, and a paved plaza area. The square was constructed in the early 1990s and is need of a facelift. The majority of the square is built over top of an underground parking garage. There are also public washrooms attached to the facility.

As a defining element in downtown Oakville. It has been shaped by a diverse mix of users, prominent town-wide events, and a range of experiences that combine to make a great urban square. Its character is also defined by its role as an event location. Moving forward, the Towne Square needs to continue to cater to a variety of programming interests and provide a high quality public space for the benefit of residents, businesses, and visitors. It will be a place to celebrate the rich diversity of Oakville. This aspiration – to be realized through a meaningful and thoughtful redesign – begins with these initial concept plans. Please let us know what elements you like or dislike.

Downtown Streetscape Master Plan Options

Here are two Streetscape Master Plan options which include the proposed street classification system (as in the legend). Let us know what you think of each option.

Downtown Site Furnishings Options

Site furnishings (benches, bollards, bike rings, recycling stations, lights) will help to define the character of downtown. Choosing an appropriate suite of site furnishings is an important step in the street design process. The family of furnishings can be traditional, contemporary or classic. The examples shown are not necessarily the final selections, but give you a sense of the range of possibilities. Let us know which style of furnishings you like best and why.