Student Employment

Summer employment positions are posted each year from approximately early December to late January. Details of employment opportunities are posted on-line and applications are accepted on-line only.

Updated Driver’s License Requirements

As of June 28, 2016, any position with the town including student and part-time jobs that require a driver’s license, will now require at a minimum, a valid and unrestricted Ontario Driver’s License Class G at time of application. Please note that applicants must also have a driving record that demonstrates responsible and safe driving behaviour. Applicants with 6 or more points are ineligible for consideration.

Summer student positions are typically found in the departments of Recreation & Culture, Parks & Open Space, Engineering & Construction, Roads & Works and Transit Services. Summer employment is geared to the following areas:

Children's Day Camps
Children's Tennis Camps
Tiny Tots Program
Aquatics (instructors, lifeguards, slide attendants/cashiers, etc. - click on the link for full descriptions and requirements)
Turf & Sanitation
Technical Services
Urban Forestry
Engineering Design & Construction
Roads & Works

Aquatic Services

Qualifications Required for Employment in Aquatics


Standard First Aid+CPR'C'
Lifesaving Society Swim and Lifesaving Instructors
AED Responder

Standard First Aid+CPR'C'
AED Responder

Aquatic Fitness Instructors
FOLP/Aquatic workshop and/or CALA or Speedo training/certification
Standard First Aid preferred
CPR 'C' preferred
AED Responder preferred

Slide Attendants / Cashiers
Minimum 15 years of age
Bronze Cross
Standard First Aid and CPR 'C'
AED Responder

Please note that all qualifications must be current for the full employment period.