Oakville Arena Redevelopment

Image of Oakville Arena.

The Town of Oakville is undertaking a redevelopment of Oakville Arena and Trafalgar Park.

In March 2014, the Oakville Arena redevelopment presentation — March 6, 2014 (pdf, 10.7 MB) was shared with the public and input was invited regarding four options proposed by ZAS Architects Inc.

Upon review of all public comments, it was determined that a majority preferred Option #2 - Revitalization (pdf, 555 kB). On May 26, 2014, Town Council approved the staff report (pdf, 381 kB) recommending this option.

The project will be referred to the 2015 capital budget to determine funding options with construction currently planned for 2017-18.

Option #2 is estimated to cost $29.4 million and includes: a new supporting structure on top of the existing roof; extended arena bays to create an NHL-size ice surface; seating for 450 people; a walking track; a new seniors’ centre with separate access; administrative offices; a gymnasium; and a new Kinsmen Pine Room for public meetings and events.


To utilize the surplus lands in South Central Oakville in a way that would fulfill the recreational needs of the citizens as determined by the Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan.


The future use of the Oakville Arena and Trafalgar Park site, as part of the Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan, is being determined through public consultation and consideration by Council.


After extensive public consultation including the South Central Public Lands Study (SCPLS), the Parks, Recreation and Library Facilities Master Plan was completed in 2012. One of the plan’s considerations was Oakville Arena and the other indoor and outdoor recreation facilities located in Trafalgar Park located at 133 Rebecca Street. Community input showed strong support for keeping the arena (including the Kinsmen Pine Room), as well as the outdoor pool and sports fields at Trafalgar Park as a community hub.

The Master Plan also looked at the Oakville Senior Citizen Recreation Centre located at 263 Kerr Street and the need for more space and modern accessibility. It was recommended that the replacement of the facility should be considered as part of the plan to renew\replace Oakville Arena.

In October 2012, Council adopted a report directing staff to complete a cultural heritage impact assessment for Oakville Arena and to identify and evaluate its heritage attributes. Council also asked staff to develop preliminary architectural design concepts for the arena site based on two options: renovate and refurbish the existing Oakville Arena or demolish the existing arena and construct a new arena.

In 2013, ZAS Architects Inc. was contracted to complete the proposed design work and heritage assessment.

Existing Arena

Existing Oakville Arena site (pdf, 281 kB)


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