Performance Indicators

Oakville is committed to providing high-quality and affordable services to its residents. Performance measures are a key tool in helping the town strive for excellence and continuous improvement, and strengthen our accountability to the public.

Over the past four years, the town has made great progress in performance reporting and we are pleased to provide this information to you in one easy-to-find online location.

We have developed an online dashboard of performance indicators to provide the public with a quick and easy overview of key town performance indicators including:

We participate in many performance measurement and reporting initiatives each year including:

We also participate in external benchmarking programs such as the Ontario Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP), which allows citizens to compare Oakville's results against other municipalities across the province.

We use all of this data and feedback to inform our decision-making, make improvements, and better meet the needs of our community.

Please note: This data is based on the most updated information available and will change as new information is collected.