Taxis & Limos

Taxi by-law review

The Town of Oakville has conducted a comprehensive review of the taxi by-law. The information obtained from public input has been used to formulate a recommendation to Council which will be presented in December. Visit the Taxicab By-law review page for details.

Our taxicab drivers are well trained. They are able to help you with general information about points of interest, shopping areas, major public buildings and hotel/motel locations in Oakville and the nearby area. Licensing By-law 2015-075 (which addresses regulates taxicabs) ensures that you will be taken on the most direct route possible to where you are going in a vehicle that is clean, safe and reliable.

There are 105 taxicabs and six wheelchair accessible taxicabs. 

Licensing By-law 2015-075 (Access the search results for the licensing by-law)
Limousine requirements are also covered in Licensing By-law 2015-075

Interested in becoming a taxi driver?

Find out what steps you need to take by visiting the how to become a taxi driver page.

Customer's Bill of Rights

A Customer's Bill of Rights is part of the by-law and a copy is put on view in each taxicab. As a customer of this taxicab, you have the right to:

  • fast and reliable service
  • a polite, expert driver who looks neat and clean
  • a safe and comfortable ride in a car that is clean both inside and out, and is in good mechanical condition
  • help when needed
  • help at all times with groceries, luggage and parcels
  • a silent ride if you want one
  • a receipt if you want one

Taxicab rates

Taxicab rates are based on time and distance. Please note the driver cannot change large bills. The following rates were approved by Council October 29, 2012:

By distance

  • For any distance up to and including the first 130 metres: $4.50
  • For each additional 130 metres or less: $0.25

Waiting time

  • For each added 30 seconds of waiting time while in use: $0.25

Packages, luggage, etc.

  • Each trunk 3 cubic feet (0.76 cubic metres) or larger: included in fare
  • Hand baggage, groceries, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.: included in fare

Discount for seniors is 10 per cent

  • Proof of age is needed
  • Flat rate trips do not get a discount
  • Discount not applied on fares below $10


If you have recently had a trip in a taxicab please email your comments to Licensing Services at or call 905-815-2010.

Contact information

General information can be obtained from the Licensing Services section of the Clerk’s department in Town Hall (hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday). You may also email inquiries to Licensing Services at or call 905-815-2010.

Licensing commissioner

Town Clerk
Town of Oakville
1225 Trafalgar Road
Oakville ON L6H 0H3