Zoning By-law Review (inZone)

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inZone will guide the use of land, buildings and structures in accordance with the policies of the Livable Oakville Plan.


The inZone project was the preparation of the town's new Zoning By-law 2014-014.  inZone implemented the policies of the town’s new official plan, the Livable Oakville Plan, into the town’s zoning framework. The project was a key action for the 2012-2014 term of Council’s Strategic Plan.


The Livable Oakville Plan was unanimously adopted by Council on June 22, 2009, approved with modifications by Halton Region on November 30, 2009, and ultimately approved by the Ontario Municipal Board on May 10, 2011. The Planning Act requires a municipality's zoning by-law to conform to its official plan.

On October 11, 2011, Planning and Development Council received the terms of reference and work plan (pdf, 358 kB) and directed staff to begin work on the inZone project.

Phase four: implementation and completion

Currently, the project is in phase four (implementation and completion) and has been appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. Open the April 2013 version of the inZone work plan (pdf, 361 kB).

The main tasks of this phase involve incorporating the new by-law into Explore Oakville, updating the town’s website, staff training, ongoing public engagement, further implementation projects, and resolving appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Status updates will be provided on this webpage and through the inZone project mailing list. You can sign up for our project mailing list by emailing inZone@oakville.ca.

Previous Drafts of the 2014 Zoning By-law

Phase three: public consultation

The main tasks of phase three revolved around public consultation. The inZone project exceeded Planning Act minimum requirements for consultation by hosting two rounds of open houses, one-on-one meetings, online content, and on-demand workshops facilitated by project team staff.

February 25, 2014 Special Planning and Development Council Meeting

The following items were prepared for the February 25, 2014 Special Planning and Development Council meeting.

Support documents

Project team staff have prepared the following additional documents to assist with the public's review of the 2014 Zoning By-law:

Fall 2013 open houses and statutory public meeting

A second round of open houses (convened under section 34(12)(b) of the Planning Act) were held on October 16, 2013 (Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre) and October 17, 2013 (Town Hall). A special Planning and Development Council meeting was held on Monday, November 4, 2013 for receiving public comment on both the draft 2014 Zoning By-law and the inZone Conformity and Housekeeping Official Plan Amendment.

May/June 2013 open houses

The first round of open houses provided an opportunity for residents, business owners, and any other stakeholder to ask project team staff any questions about zoning and the draft regulations as they apply to their property. This was done at 11 open houses over eight nights across Oakville.

Phase two research: Technical Papers and the inZone Subcommittee

The main product of the completed phase two was a series of ten Technical Papers, each informing a different component of the first draft (v1.0) of the Zoning By-law. Feedback received by staff at previous meetings of the inZone Subcommittee was used to inform and refine content for the first draft Zoning By-law. To review the Technical Papers visit the inZone Technical Papers page.

inZone Subcommittee of Council

The inZone Subcommittee was an ad-hoc commenting body whose members provided input to staff on the deliverables of the inZone project. The subcommittee met nine times during the inZone project.

Agendas and minutes for subcommittee meetings can be found online using the town's searchable database (select "Statutory and Advisory Committees" and use "inZone" as the keyword search term).

Associated inZone projects

For more information contact

For more information you may contact a zoning officer at 905-845-6601, ext. 7376 or through email at zoningrequests@oakville.ca.