Zoning By-law 1984-63

Zoning By-law 1984-63 was the town's main comprehensive zoning by-law. It was repealed on February 25, 2014 with the passing of the new Zoning Bylaw 2014-014.

It applied to all properties in Oakville south of Dundas Street and north of Highway 407. It dealt with use permissions and performance standards for all lots, buildings and structures on these properties. Remaining lands in Oakville are covered by Zoning By-law 2009-189.

Site specific provisions were applied to individual properties or areas as noted on the maps. Copies of these provisions may be obtained through the Building Services department.

If you have any questions regarding the zoning applying to your property, or should you require materials to be prepared in an alternative format, please contact ServiceOakville and ask to speak with a Zoning Officer in the Building Services Department.

inZone - Preparing a New Comprehensive Zoning By-law for the Town

Council passed the new Town of Oakville Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2014-014 on February 25, 2014. The new by-law was developed through the inZone project, which ran from October 2011 to February 2014. Zoning By-law 2014-014 is currently under appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

While appeals remain active, selected provisions of Zoning By-law 1984-63 remain in effect. Building permit and development applications on lands subject to this by-law will need to comply with both this by-law and Zoning By-law 2014-014, both as amended. Compliance with the relevant provisions of both by-laws will be required until the related appeals are disposed of by the Ontario Municipal Board. Applicants who do not comply with one or both by-laws will require relief from those by-laws.

These consolidations are provided for convenience purposes only. Reference should be made to the original passed documents for confirmation. It is advised that you contact the Building Services department to ensure you are viewing all applicable regulations related to building projects, and the Planning Services department for any questions about development projects or project timing.

Zoning By-law - updated February 2015

General Provisions Applying to all Zones (pdf, 613 kB) 
Residential Zones (pdf, 512 kB) 
Commercial Zones (pdf, 606 kB) 
Employment Zones (pdf, 179 kB) 
Industrial Zones (pdf, 128 kB) 
Open Space (pdf, 133 kB)

Special Provisions - updated February 2015

Special Provisions 1 to 888 (pdf, 5.6 MB)

Temporary, Interim and Holding Provisions - updated February 2015

Temporary Uses (pdf, 195 kB) 
Holding Uses (pdf, 438 kB) 
Interim Uses (pdf, 151 kB)

Zoning Maps - updated April 2015

Zoning Key Map (pdf, 179 kB) 
Zoning Maps (pdf, 6.8 MB)

Please Note: The zoning maps form part of the zoning by-law and must be read together with the text. Although the maps are updated on a regular basis, it is advised that you contact the Building Services department to ensure the map you are viewing is the most recently approved version.

For more information contact

For more information you may contact a zoning officer at 905-845-6601, ext. 7376 or through email at zoningrequests@oakville.ca.