Upper Middle Road Ltd Partnership Inc. - 1907, 1911 and 1915 Iron Oak Way - 1506.013/04

Full Site Plan Application
1907, 1911 and 1915 Iron Oak Way
File: 1506.013/04
Description: This application will have the effect of revising a previous Site Plan Approval (SP 1506.013/03). This application will
1)  Relocate two buildings previously fronting on Iron Oak Way and move them north on the site.
2) Will introduce Farm Boy (Building 2C) along the Iron Oak frontage. The new building (2C) contains a flow area of 2160 m2.
Approval authority: Directors

Contact information

Leigh Musson
Senior Planner
905-845-6601, ext. 3371

Supporting documents - October 2017

Site Plan (pdf)
Elevations (pdf)
Landscape (pdf)

Supporting documents

Site Plan (pdf)
Elevations (pdf)
Landscape (pdf)