Commercial Parking Study

Parking and urban environments

All functioning urban commercial environments depend to some degree on parking availability. Additionally, there is a constant demand from travellers for adequate, convenient, and affordable parking. But parking facilities also consume valuable downtown land and remain expensive to develop, operate and maintain. At the local level, the provision of commercial parking will have consequences for economic vitality, investment returns and property values. The availability of commercial parking can also influence travel behaviour and transportation choices.

Planning for adequate parking is complex and involves careful analysis to support coordinated decision-making. In the municipal context, these decisions require collaboration between business and community groups, as well as from town departments such as planning, urban design, traffic, engineering, operations, maintenance and enforcement.

Parking study purpose

A parking study typically looks at supply and demand relationships with the goal of forecasting future conditions. The study findings enable planners to understand the parking dynamics in a specific urban setting, and can provide direction for the planning of future parking facilities.

In May 2004, the town retained the consulting firm Marshall Macklin Monaghan to carry out the Commercial Parking Study. The study area consisted of the central business districts of Downtown Oakville, Kerr Street and Bronte Village. The study was completed in March 2006 and is available to view below, along with supporting documents.

Currently, the Planning Services department is drafting and presenting revisions to Oakville's commercial parking standards. The outcome of this process will be a zoning by-law amendment, which will be presented to the Planning and Development Council at a public meeting.

March 2006 Commercial Parking Study documents

Public Information Meeting – October 5, 2006

Public Meeting – July 11, 2006

Study report