ClubLink Corporation ULC and ClubLink Holdings Limited - 1333 Dorval Drive - OPA 1519.09, Z.1519.09 and 24T-17003/1519

Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Plan of Subdivision
1333 Dorval Drive
File: OPA 1519.09, Z.1519.09 and 24T-17003/1519
Description: To redevelop the Glen Abbey Golf Club Lands to permit 141 detached dwellings, 299 townhouse dwellings, 2782 apartment dwellings with retail and office commercial uses, parks and open space and natural heritage uses.
Staff report: Item No. 3 on November 6, 2017 Planning and Development Council Agenda.

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Contact information

Charles McConnell
Manager, Current Planning West District
905-845-6601, ext. 6042

Supporting documents

Aerial Photo (pdf)
Aerial Photo Existing Conditions (pdf)
Air Quality Report (pdf)
Boundary Survey Plan (pdf)
Capital Impact Assessment (pdf)
Character Impact Analysis (pdf)
Commercial/Retail Market Review and Impact Study (pdf)
Concept Master Plan (pdf)
Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessment and Heritage Impact Assessment Part One (pdf)
Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessment and Heritage Impact Assessment Part Two (pdf)
Densities and Designations Map and Table (pdf)
Draft Official Plan Amendment (pdf)
Draft Plan of Subdivision (pdf)
Draft Zoning By-law Amendment (pdf)
Environmental Agreement Letter of Reliance (pdf)
Environmental Impact Assessment (pdf)
Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report (pdf) 
Geomorphic Assessment (pdf)
Municipal Financial Impact Study (pdf)
Noise and Vibration Study (pdf)
Park Plan Part 1 of 4 (pdf)
Park Plan Part 2 of 4  (pdf)
Park Plan Part 3 of 4  (pdf)
Park Plan Part 4 of 4  (pdf)
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (pdf)
Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (pdf)
Planning Justification Report (pdf)
Planning Statistics Spreadsheet (pdf)
Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation (pdf)
Preliminary Hydrogeological Assessment (pdf)
Public Consultation Strategy (pdf)
Shadow Impact Study (pdf)
Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment (pdf)
Statistical Analysis (pdf)
Streetscape Design Study (pdf)
Sustainability Checklist (pdf)
Title Summary (pdf)
Transportation Considerations Report (pdf)
Tree Vegetation Study and Tree Protection Plan (pdf)
Urban Design Brief (pdf)
Urban Design Brief Appendix (pdf)