Former Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (Town of Oakville) - 327 Reynolds Street and 348 MacDonald Road - 24T-18001/1613

Plan of Subdivision
327 Reynolds Street and 348 MacDonald Road
File: 24T-18001/1613
Description: Draft Plan of Subdivision for 19 single detached dwelling lots, two blocks for townhomes (16 units total) and a new public street on the former hospital lands as described below:
Lots 1 to19 - approximately 14.5 to 15 m single detached dwellings lots (19 units).
Blocks 20 and 21 - 16 multiple attached dwellings units (townhomes).
Block 22 - future community centre/park block/existing parking garage (NOTE: this block will be subject to a severance application to create a block of land for the community centre and parking garage in advance of the registration of the subdivision).
Block 23 - block containing former Oakville Trafalgar high school.
Block 24 - open space.

Making submissions and preserving appeal rights

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Contact information

Leigh Musson
Senior Planner
905-845-6601, ext.3371

Supporting documents

Aerial (pdf)
Concept Plan (pdf)
Draft Park Concept (pdf)
Draft Plan of Subdivision (pdf)
Environmental Site Assessment Phase One (pdf)
Environmental Site Assessment Phase Two (pdf)
Functional Servicing Report - Includes Stormwater Management Report and Tree Assessment (pdf)
Legal Survey (pdf)
Master Plan (pdf)
Planning Justification Report (pdf)
Reliance Letter (pdf)
Transportation Impact Study (pdf)
Topographical Survey (pdf)