320 Bronte Road Inc. - 320 Bronte Road - ZBA and OPA 1631.01, 24T-19001/1631, 24CDM-19001/1631

Zoning By-law, Official Plan Amendment, Plan of Condominium, and Plan of Subdivision
320 Bronte Road
File: Z.1631.01, OPA 1631.01, 24T-19001/1631, 24CDM-19001/1631
Description: 320 Bronte Road Inc. seeks the approval for a 30-unit residential development. The proposed development consists of 28 new multiple-attached residential dwellings and one new single detached dwelling. The application also proposes to convert the existing day care facility building to a single detached dwelling. Portions of the property, which are located within the Sixteen Mile Creek Valleylands system, are proposed to be dedicated to the Town of Oakville for incorporation into the Town of Oakville's natural heritage system.

Staff Report

Item No. 5 on September 9, 2019 Planning and Development Council Agenda Addendum

Making submissions and preserving appeal rights

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Contact information

Robert Thun
Senior Planner
905-845-6601, ext. 3029

Supporting documents - December 2019

Arborist Report & Tree Protection Plan (pdf)
Courtyard Rendering (pdf)
Draft Plan of Condominium (pdf)
Draft Plan of Subdivision (pdf)
Environmental Impact Study (pdf)
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (pdf)
Functioning Servicing Report (pdf)
Geotechnical Investigation and Slope Stability (pdf)
Grading Plan (pdf)
Planning Justification Report - Addendum (pdf)
Plans for Block A & B Townhouses (pdf)
Plans for Block C & D Townhouses (pdf)
Plans for Block E Semi-Detached (pdf)
Site Plan (pdf)
Site Plan Basement (pdf)
Strata Plan (pdf)
Street Rendering (pdf)
Streetscape (pdf)
Transportation Impact Study (pdf)

Supporting documents - March 2019

Air Photo (pdf)
Arborist Report (pdf)
Canopy Coverage Plan (pdf)
Character Impact Analysis (pdf)
Draft Plan of Condominium (pdf)
Draft Plan of Subdivision (pdf)
Environmental Impact Study (pdf)
Floor Plans (pdf)
Functional Servicing Report (pdf)
Geotechnical Investigation (pdf)
Grading Plan (pdf)
Hydrogeological Investigation (pdf)
Land Survey (pdf)
Pedestrian Circulation (pdf)
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (pdf)
Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (pdf)
Planning Justification Report (pdf)
Public Consultation Strategy (pdf)
Sediment Control Plan (pdf)
Site Plan (pdf)
Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment (pdf)
Stage 3 Archaeological Assessment (pdf)
Streetscape Plan (pdf)
Transportation Impact Study (pdf)
Urban Design Brief (pdf)