Mattamy (Joshua Creek) Limited - 1429 Dundas Street East - Z.1307.04

Zoning By-law Amendment
1429 Dundas Street East
File:  Z.1307.04

Staff Report

Item No.5 on March 9, 2020 Planning and Development Council Agenda


The redline Draft Plan (24T-12004) currently shows four residential lots within the P (Park) Zone and a portion of the Village square within the GU (General Urban) Zone.  The proposal is to rezone the four lots within the P Zone to GU sp54, and a portion of the Village Square within the GU sp54 Zone to P to permit the proposed residential and park uses.

Making submissions and preserving appeal rights

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Contact Information

Leigh Musson
Senior Planner
905-845-6601, ext. 3371

Supporting documents

Aerial (pdf)
Draft Plan of Subdivision - Red Lined Revision (pdf)
Environmental Site Assessment - Phase 1 (pdf)
Functional Servicing Letter (pdf)
Planning Justification Brief (pdf)
Preliminary Village Square Concept Plan (pdf)
Survey (pdf)
Zoning Schedule (pdf)