St. Paul's United Church - 454 Rebecca Street - Z.1619.22

Zoning By-law Amendment
454 Rebecca Street
File:  Z.1619.22
Description:  To re-zone the southwest corner of the church lands where the existing manse is located from Community Use (CU) to RL2-0, which allows for single-detached dwellings. The Zoning By-law Amendment application applies only to the southwest corner of the church property.

Staff Report: Item No. 6 on June 16, 2020 Planning and Development Council Agenda

Making submissions and preserving appeal rights

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Contact Information

Kelly Livingstone
905-845-6601, 3045

Supporting documents - October 2020

Concept Plan (pdf)
Revised Draft Zoning By-law Amendment (pdf)
Servicing Letter (pdf)
Sketch 1 - Existing Setbacks and Lot Lines (pdf)
Sketch 2 - Proposed Setbacks and Lot Lines (pdf)

Supporting documents - February 2020

Aerial (pdf)
Concept Plan (pdf)
Draft Zoning By-law Amendment (pdf)
Environmental Site Assessment - Phase 1 (pdf)
Planning Justification Report (pdf)
Survey (pdf)