EMGO (North Oakville1) Ltd. - 3369 Sixth Line - 24T-12012 & Z.1315.03

Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-Law Amendment
3369 Sixth Line
File: 24T-12012 and Z.1315.03

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Plan of subdivision (previous file 24T-05026) and Zoning By-law Amendment to permit a residential plan including 544 detached dwellings, 74 semi-detached dwellings, village square and neighbourhood park.

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Contact information

Geoff Abma
905-845-6601, ext. 3034

Supporting documents - June 2106

Draft Plan of Subdivision (pdf)

Supporting documents

Density Plan (pdf)
Aerial (pdf)
Archaeological Reports Stage 1 and 2 (pdf)
Archaeological Report Stage 3 (pdf)
Draft Plan of Subdivision (pdf)
Draft Zoning By-law (pdf)
Environmental Site Assessment (pdf)
Neighbourhood Concept Plan (pdf)
Noise and Vibration Study (pdf)
Pedestrian Plan (pdf)
Planning Justification Report (pdf)
Stage 3 Archaeological Report (pdf)
Survey (pdf)
Sustainability Checklist (pdf)
Transportation Plan (pdf)
Tree Preservation Plan (pdf)
Tree Canopy Coverage Analysis (pdf)
Urban Design Brief (pdf)