Fernbrook Homes (Lakeshore) Limited - 1215 and 1221 Lakeshore Road West - Z.1722.03 and 24T-14006/1722

Zoning and Draft Plan of Subdivision
1215 and 1221 Lakeshore Road West
File: Z.1722.03 and 24T-14006/1722


A zoning by-law amendment and draft plan of subdivision to permit 26 detached dwellings on a public road.

Notice of development approval

On November 28, 2016, the property secured the necessary Draft Plan Approval for the development of 22 detached dwellings on a public road. Sufficient engineering work has been completed to allow works to advance on this site. A site alteration permit has been issued to allow for the installation of siltation controls, tree preservation/removal and earthworks/grading. The following notice has been issued to abutting land owners.

Development Approval Notice

Staff Report

Item No. 7 on November 28, 2016 Planning & Development Council Agenda

Making submissions and preserving appeal rights

For information on making submissions and appeal rights please visit the Making Submissions and Preserving Appeal Rights page.

Contact information

Robert Thun
Senior Planner
905-845-6601, ext. 3029

Supporting information - September 2016

Draft Plan of Subdivision - (pdf)

Supporting information - October 2015

Draft By-law (pdf)
Concept Plan (pdf)
Draft Plan (pdf)

Supporting information - September 2014

Geotechnical Investigation (pdf)
Draft Plan ZBL By-law (pdf)

Supporting information

Addendum Letter (pdf)
Associated Figures (pdf)
By-law 1984-63 (pdf)
By-law 2014-014 (pdf)
Canopy Cover Chart (pdf)
Canopy Plan (pdf)
Draft Plan (pdf)
Environmental Site Assessment (pdf)
Functional Servicing Report (pdf)
Geotechnical Investigation (pdf)
Noise Study (pdf)
Planning Justification (pdf)
Planning Justification Photo (pdf)
Streetscape (pdf)
Traffic Impact Study (pdf)
Urban Design Brief (pdf)