Update to the First and Second Street Heritage Conservation District Plan


The First and Second Street Heritage Conservation District (HCD) is a historic residential neighbourhood located southeast of downtown Oakville. The district was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1989 and a District Plan was adopted to provide guidance on how to manage change in the HCD. Since that time, numerous changes have been made to heritage legislation and we need to ensure the District Plan complies with current heritage practices.

The update to the District Plan was launched to the public in early 2015. The town consulted with the public throughout 2015 and had several public meetings, focus group sessions and email/newsletter updates. Feedback from stakeholders was integral to the creation of a new District Plan, which was approved by Oakville Town Council on November 30, 2015. After this approval, the plan was appealed and the matter was referred to the Ontario Municipal Board. Council has since approved additional revisions to the new District Plan but the plan remains under appeal.

Final Plan and Guidelines - consolidated and updated with revisions (currently under appeal)

Complete Plan and Guidelines (pdf)
Appendix A – Property Inventory (pdf)
Appendix B – Streetscape Inventory (pdf)
Appendix C – Style Guide (pdf)
Appendix D – Federal and Provincial Conservation Standards (pdf)
Appendix E – Property Categorization (pdf)


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Heritage Planner, District East/West
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Town of Oakville
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