Heritage Register

Old Post Office

Old Post Office

All heritage properties in Oakville are included in the Oakville Heritage Register, an official list of properties which are identified by the town as having cultural heritage value or interest. The town is required to create and maintain the Heritage Register in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA).

The Heritage Register includes the following types of heritage properties:

  • individually designated properties which fall under Part IV of the OHA
  • properties designated within Heritage Conservation Districts which fall under Part V of the OHA
  • properties which are not designated but believed to be of cultural heritage value or interest (also known as ‘listed’ properties)

Oakville’s designated properties are outlined in Sections A, B, C, D, and E of the Register below. The town’s non-designated, or listed, properties are outlined in Section F. To find a property, search for the property address in Property Index.


The information contained in this register has been collected and recorded under the authority of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990 c.O.18.

Download the heritage conservation districts map (pdf).

Building stories inventory

Many of Oakville's heritage properties are featured on Building Stories, a Canada-wide interactive website that enables Canadians to identify and search important community heritage assets. Town staff will continue to add more heritage properties to the inventory in the future.