Housing Information Report


Housing is a matter of provincial interest. The Region of Halton is responsible for delivering and administering assisted housing and through its official plan has established a policy structure that supports and encourages the provision of affordable housing in meeting the housing needs of the region’s residents.
The town must ensure that its local official plans are consistent with and conform to the applicable legislation and policies put forward by the province and the Region of Halton. To support provincial interests, the implementation of the regional and local official plans creates a full partnership to encourage and support a variety of housing options.

Report description

The Housing Information Report was received by Planning and Development Council on October 22, 2012. It provides an overview of relevant provincial legislation and regional and town policies with respect to housing. The report demonstrates the interconnected framework all three levels of government have to achieve a range of housing choice.

The town, in its capacity, does not have the authority to provide housing. However, through policies the town is able to create an environment which would permit the provision of assisted, affordable and special needs housing. In turn, this will make it easier for housing providers to find appropriate locations to meet housing demands.

Documents and resources

The following links will take you to the staff report and other key documents that describe the housing framework at the provincial, regional, and town levels.

Staff report

Housing Information Report

Province of Ontario

Planning Act
Provincial Policy Statement
Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe
Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy
Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011 (Bill 140)
Ontario Housing Policy Statement
Municipal Tools for Affordable Housing

Region of Halton

Halton Comprehensive Housing Strategy
Regional Official Plan and ROPA 38 (Official Plan Review Projects)
Sustainable Halton
Sustainable Halton – Housing Directions Report
Joint Municipal Housing Statement
State of Housing Report

Town of Oakville

Livable Oakville Plan
Zoning By-law 1984-63 and the inZone Project

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